Club News, Recipes, and Beer Information

This page is where you will find posts on upcoming club events, as well as interesting beer or brewing news. Manty Malter Members can post to this page and are encouraged to post their favorite recipes here as well to share with the homebrewing community.

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2 Responses to Club News, Recipes, and Beer Information

  1. Jeremy Sehloff says:

    I am looking for some information on your organization. I am a novice home brewer and would like to get better and meet other brewers. I went to Kathy’s Stage door Pub for the August meeting but no one was there. Will there be a meeting in September? What is the best way to get connected.

    • Sorry about that Jeremy. We had our meeting at Capones in August and quite frankly I forgot to update our website to reflect that. It was a fairly recent change I found out about in July. As far as I know at this point, the September meeting will be at Kathy’s Stage Door Pub at 6pm. I am going to attempt to email you directly to get you whatever info you are looking for on our club, so if you don’t see one from me check you spam folder in your email.

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