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What you will find on this page is the favorite recipes of the Manty Malters members. Every recipe on here has been brewed by one of the members of the Manty Malters, and some of these have even won awards. You can brew these beers with confidence. We have tried to provid the recipes in both a PDF format and Beersmith 2 format. If you do not have Beersmith, you will want to download the PDF.  Some recipes are already available on the web and have links.

Vader’s Fist Chocolate Stout (The 501st): BrewsheetBeersmith 2 Format  The Beer is a chocolate stout, slightly sweet and full of dark chocolate and coffee notes. This beer has won a few awards in competition. Recipe By Jason Johnson.

Adam’s Oatmeal Stout: BrewsheetBeersmith 2 Format A slightly drier oatmeal stout for those who don’t want an overly sweet oatmeal stout. Silky smooth. This beer has won an award in homebrew competition. Recipe by Adam Davidson

21A New Hampshire IPA: Brewsheet Beersmith 2 Format This is a clone of the the 21st Amendment’s Brew Free or Die IPA. She’s pretty good. Light body and very refreshing. And will kick at your teeth with hops. Recipe by Denny Smith

Smoked Harvest Apple Ale: Link to Recipe on Northern Brewer Forum Bready malt flavor, with a good proportion of fresh orchard apple cider. The apple shows up in the tartness as well as the flavor, finish and aftertaste, which is pleasantly cidery and not overpowering. This beer has won Gold in a homebrew competition. Note: Listed recipe is for 3 gallons. Scale up if required. Recipe by Dave Taylor

Stone’s Not An Arrogant Bastard: BrewsheetBeermsmith 2 Format This beer is inspired by Stone’s Arrogant Bastard, but is not a clone. Jason used different hops and home-made Special B malt for this beer. If you don’t want to make Special B, you can use the commercial version. If you need Instructions on how to make Special B, click this link to be redirected to Jason’s blog on the topic. Recipe by Jason Johnson

Adam’s Pilsner: BrewsheetBeersmith 2 Format  Adam’s Pilsner uses a double decoction for an authentic German pilsner brewing experience. In this recipe Adam got very high efficiency so the beer was a bit bigger than a normal German Pils, but even if you don’t get the high efficiency, the beer will still hit the mark. Recipe by Adam Davidson.

Outsourced Blonde: BrewsheetBeersmith 2 Format Brian’s Belgian blonde received a comment on The Brewing Network’s live show in Milwaukee. The comment was “This is probably the best Belgian Blonde I have ever had” -Justin Crossley. Recipe by Brian Lesperance. 

Her Name Is Emily Honey Rye Ale: Link to Recipe on Northern Brewer Forum Full of bready malt flavor, and big spiciness from the hops (Dave used homegrown Hallertauer hops). The honey flavor was obvious without being enormous. This beer has won Bronze in a homebrew competition. Note: Listed recipe is for 3 gallons. Scale up if required. Recipe by Dave Taylor

Adam Davidson wins the 2011 Best of the Fest at the Manitowoc Jaycees Beer Lovers Brewfest.

Bronze and Silver Certificates from the NHC and a silver and bronze medal for beers in competition by Brian Lesperance.

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