Nick “USB” Port


Nick “USB” Port
Well, I guess I’m up next. My name is Nick Port, in college they called me the Universal Sausage Boy, because man I love sausages. You can bet at least one meal a day I’m eating a sausage of some sort, be it a simple Frankfurter or my world famous Linguiça soup.  I am the originator of the world famous Sausage Party festival in Taus, Wisconsin. Below is a picture of our first year, I’d say it was a banging success.


So how does this relate to brewing you ask? Well, during one of my trips to the largest sausage festivals in the world, which takes place in Germany, I was introduced to many beers I just never was exposed to in the US at that point. Guys were always trying to get me to experiment and try new things while I was there.  So it peaked my interest and I came home with a passion for beer and stuffing as many sausages down my throat as I can fit in a given day. Unfortunately, there were not many beers in the US that could curb my cravings so I turned to Papazians book on brewing and it was all downhill from there.

My famous peppery egg white American Lager….spiced up a bit with dill. It helps bring the egg out.

My favorite styles to brew in the early years were Alts, German Wheats, Bocks, and Oktoberfest. But as time marches on, so has my taste. My fever for experimentation shot forth past just swallowing sausages, and morphed into creating unique and interesting beer combinations, and sometimes……yes, it has included sausage in some recipes. My Chorizo Stout and Pepperoni Porter were not half bad. But my real winners were my Peppery Egg White American Lager and  and my Pork Belly Lambic were ahead of their time.

I joined the Malters after hearing that they have a meat party every summer and I thought for sure there would be some delicious sausages, but alas….it was just some pork butt. That’s OK, I’ll stick around for the beer.

This is not sausage, but pulled pork butt will do sometimes…..but I’m not happy about it.