Scott “The Procrastinator” Kohlmann

Scott “The Procrastinator” Kohlmann

My first beer made was a Red Ale from extract on December 15, 2004. A friend of mine was making beer at the time and it wasn’t hard talking me into giving it a try as well. I first started having a thirst for craft beers when I lived in Illinois. A coworker was a homebrewer and invited me to my first brewfest. Also, by living in the Chicago area it didn’t take long to get hooked on Honker’s Ale. Since then I’ve made 75 batches of beer, thankfully most of them were very delicious. I have been a member of the Manty Malters since the restoration of the club and I am a past president. I am also currently the club treasurer.

Deep thoughts in the flower chair at Kathy’s Stage Door Pub

In 2009 I finally dove into the world of all-grain brewing. I make mostly ales and prefer amber ales, pale ales, and porters. Currently in the fermentor I have a barleywine and next up is a hoppy amber ale made with locally grown hops. I enjoy going to as many brewfests as possible each year and supporting my club members with advice and help.

Brewing at Pinecrest
Scott attends one of the many Brewfest’s with with his wife as well as other Malter members Brian and his wife Sue and David Taylor. I do believe this was the ultra tiny teacup Brewfest of 2012? Right Scott?

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