Basil “Brew Law” Buchko


Today you have the honor of meeting one of our newest Member’s, Basil “Brew Law” Buchko. Basil has just joined us a few months ago, so this is the perfect opportunity to get to know Basil.

As far as my private life goes, I’m married with 2 children. To make a living, I am an attorney. Insert lawyer joke here (I’m sure he’s heard them all).

I started brewing beer in 2007 and at that time I started with extract. Back then I brewed about 8 batches before I took a break from brewing for a few years. My passion for brewing was sparked again in 2013. I also brewed my last extract batch in February 2013 and went all-grain in April, 2013. Between April and July I have brewed 14 batches. My favorite style to brew are IPA’s. The water source I use is the Kossuth well water, just off Highway Q in Manitowoc for all my beer. I don’t try and manipulate the water and have enjoyed my results. My favorite craft brews are Black Huskey Pale Ale, Sproose Joose, and 3 Sheep’s Really Cool Waterslides.

This is what it’s all about right here. Good quality beer!

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