About The Manty Malters


Manty Malters Homebrew Club is based in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. We are a diverse homebrewing club with members ranging in age and brewing experience. We typically meet the first Thursday of every month at 6pm at Kathie’s Stage Door Pub
(701 Franklin St) in Manitowoc.

Manty Malters not only meet every month, but we take trips to Beer Festivals, tour breweries, have club brewing events, and do many other beer or brewing related events together as a club.

What do I get by Joining the Manty Malters?


Well, first and foremost you get to hang out and connect with people of the same interest that you have. We understand you! Everyone in the club has a passion for great beer, or brewing great beer. In most cases, our members have a passion for both. We have members who have been brewing for years, and we have members who have yet to brew but just love great beer, wine, and cider.

Second, by joining the club you can help out at beer related events that we participate in. Locally, we give demonstrations on homebrewing at places like Pinecrest Historical Village and at Oktoberfest at Kathie’s Stage Door Pub. This is great way to meet and help educate people in the community about beer and brewing. We also take trips as a group to beer festivals and brewery tours. Many times a member will have a brew session or gathering at their home to share homebrew. These tend to be member only events and are always a great time.

As a club we also have small themed competitions for members only with prizes and medals. Some examples of past contests have been our Christmas Beer competition, Waldo Lake Amber Ale Clone War (with 1 permitted change) competition,  SMaSH (Single Malt and Single Hop) beer competition, Saison Competition, and a barleywine competition. Medals were awarded, and prizes at these competitions have ranged from a six pack of craft beer to Stout Taps. We also currently have 2 4 BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program)ranked judges in the club all with a rank of certified or higher. There are more judging classes planned for the near future.

Christmas Party bottle swap

We also have 2 large club parties a year. We have a summer party and usually have a Christmas Party. These are usually just times to get together, share some great food and homebrew, and have a good time.

Do I have to be a member to attend a meeting?

Absolutely not. Anyone can come and join us at Kathie’s Stage Door Pub on the first Thursday of every month at 6pm (unless we have a special meeting planned, which will be posted on the website). As a non-member you just don’t get to attend the special meetings, club trips, vote on club business, and other club events. General monthly meetings are open to anyone interested.

Alex judging beer at a homebrew competition

If you would like to become a member, you can simply come join us at a meeting and hang out for a while. Membership Dues are $30 per year and that money helps pay for club brewing events, trips, and the parties. If you want to make sure that our next meeting is at Kathie’s and we don’t have a special meeting place planned, you can email our President  here or you can always check in at Facebook and post any questions and a club member will answer them.

Bryan and Brian brewing at the Manitowoc County Fair!
Brewing beer at Brent’s house