Dave Lichterman

Dave “The Whiteness” Lichterman

Hometown: Two Rivers, WI

Homebrew club: Manty Malters for life!

I started brewing in 2008 and my first brew was an extract batch. It was a Brown Ale kit I received as a Christmas Gift along with my starter homebrew kit. Since it was my first brew, it would not have mattered what it tastes like….I BREWED BEER! It was awesome. Definite cool factor.
My favorite style to brew is the Green Flash IPA clone dubbed “Hopollo 13+”. There are seven ounces of hops in just a 5 gallon batch. There are 6 hop additions with each overlapping the preceding and following additions.

My favorite style to drink? Well, I spent most of my time brewing west coast IPAs, pales ales, and blondes. Lately my taste buds are changing and I’ve really taken a liking to light bodied, roasty beers. Steven Point’s 2012 Black Ale is my flavor of the month.
My least favorite style of beer quite simply is infected! As long as a beer is clean and smooth as a baby’s ass, I can appreciate every style. However my all time most memorable beer would have to be David Taylor’s Jalapeno Porter. F’ing delicious and enough heat to keep you putting them back.

My home brewery which I dubbed “Point Beach Brewhouse” is where I practice my craft. I produce 5 gallon batches by utilizing a 7.5 gallon stainless steel boil kettle, stand alone propane burner to keep me out of the kitchen, copper wort chiller, plastic fermentation buckets, and a sweet kegging system because pouring out of a tap in you basement is righteous.


I do have some brewing goals for this year. Looking forward I’m looking to get back into brewing more regularly, at a minimum of once every two weeks. In addition, I would love to start small batch brewing as it allows you to experiment more. I’m curious to see the difference when brewing using base ingredients and only changing one variable (ingredient or process). Dry hopping, using different yeasts, or temperatures can make a significant difference.

I think I still have “The Last Jalapeno Porter” in the fridge…..gotta go.

Post meeting fun.

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