Greg “Let Me Introduce You to My” Place

Greg Place

Pretty much my perfect beers…….

Alright alright alright, where do I start everyone? Well, I just started brewing but I’ve been drinking beer since I used to hang out with Wooderson, Floyd, O’Bannion, and Slater at The Emporium back in the day. I’d always head over to Dev’s Shell to pick up a 6’er and some Slim Jims. Shortly after I hung out with the crew I knew I had to do something more with my life, so I headed off to New York to go to school. While there attended New York Body and Pole which is a school for pole dancing and actually had a pretty rousing career as a male pole dancer on the circuit for a while. My stage slogan was “Let me Introduce you to my Place”, corny I know, but it got some laughs and I pulled mad tail yo. It was here I got hooked up with Slappy Steve who was just starting out some Internet web shops that catered to a, well…let’s just say specific crowd. It was there that I learned the ropes for what would be my calling in life, to own my own Internet based business.

Me doing my business and saving people from the dark web…..

So in 2004 I became a freelance Internet Guide. You may have thought we are just myths. But I assure you my job is very real. I gear up every day and troll the dark web for lost souls and help guide them back to the lighter side of the net. In a sense, I AM the Internet guardian. I am the one you need to be your guide if you find yourself in the dark uncharted waters of the dark net. It’s a decent living, I make enough to buy a few things and do stuff. So it’s alright.

As far as brewing goes, I just started recently and pretty much make the best beer I know of (Pictured in the upper corner of my Bio). I brew non-traditional styles from recipes I pull from the dark web…..they are pretty much the best recipes you’ll never find without my help. I was able to scrape together this brewing system shown here from some spare parts I was able to acquire from bartering my services as an retired male champion pole dancer by dancing at birthday and anniversary parties as well as a few company picnics and so forth.

Just my little system I was able to scrape together.